The Little Black Book of Business: The Experience Pill for How to Succeed in Business

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Your ability to remain motivated and continue to believe in yourself as you travel along your leadership journey is very important. In the sport of working, you will need to learn not to take personally everything that happens to you. You must also be prepared to win as well as suffer some losses along the way.

Often those wins and losses will yield critical lessons that will help you mold your own unique leadership style that will make you stand out and move up. Be prepared for the rules of the game to change, sometimes midplay, sometimes completely. Make it your responsibility to keep up with what is going on.

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Plan to put your own special imprint on your workplace by bringing the very best you have to the table every day. Always hold your head high and remember that you are a VIP, no matter what position you currently hold. As a subculture within a dominant culture, we may see more negative than positive reflections of ourselves being portrayed in the media. While there are nearly always things we could do differently or better in our jobs, we all know or have heard of situations where other workers we may have welcomed to the company and trained have received promotions instead of us or much sooner than we do, or co-workers who have gone overbudget on their projects while we have stayed within our budgets, yet they have been promoted and we have remained in our positions.

Where Should I Begin?

We must learn that everything we are going through is all a part of the game—surviving and thriving in the workplace—and the sooner we face this reality the better we will be able to compete in the leadership arena. We must keep our confidence intact and realize that outer forces have nothing to do with our inner spirit—our resilience—that we inherited from our MAMAs and others.

We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, who sacrificed mightily so that we could have the privileges and opportunities we take for granted today. Through them we know and affirm that we are amazing women, and with confidence in ourselves, we can do anything! To become a leader you must have a positive mental attitude, which you can achieve with positive self- talk and looking at what is right with people instead of what is wrong with them.

Positive self-talk means saying positive things about yourself to yourself and to others. You are what you think, and you can accomplish what you think you can.

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You must tell yourself that you can meet professional challenges that come your way. Positive thoughts create constructive energy around you.

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You must establish this habit of positive self-talk in your mind, because it requires regular reinforcement. Make it a habit.

Invest five minutes a day before you head out to work. Tell yourself you can meet any professional challenges that life has to offer. Write down your positive affirmations in your Personal Leadership Notebook and read them out loud, or write a positive prayer. The spoken word is extremely powerful. What kind of voice do you hear in your head?

Or that trying something new was too risky? Or that traveling abroad or to other parts of the country is dangerous?

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If you begin to see a pattern of negative thoughts, write them down and then create positive affirmations to cancel them. You must reprogram your thoughts. You can make it a good day or a bad day by controlling your thought process. Even if something bad happens to you during the day, you can decide how to react to the situation.

Your reaction is your choice and your choice determines how you will respond—positive or negative. Create positive images, statements, situations, outcomes, interactions, and exchanges. You can change your life if you change your thinking. Having a sense of humor also comes in handy and can help you with your positive attitude. Negative self-talk can lower your expectations, and do damage to your self-confidence and leadership ability.

People want to follow leaders who are positive. Not everyone was raised by supportive or well-educated or instructive parents. Unfortunately, we can even be negative about ourselves. Sometimes we assume that the challenges we are facing have been set before us because we are Black or women.

While this may or may not be true, we may become paralyzed with anger or fear because of our own beliefs. We cannot let differences, or what others think or feel, get in the way of achieving our leadership goals. Despite the negative forces around us or inside us, we must overcome them as we embark upon this journey. We have to be positive and view the world in a positive light. For not to be positive would be to give up all hope. We are a strong and spiritual people. We have survived through the ages with physical strength and the strength of our minds.

Negative thinking that creates negative emotions can lead to stress, anger, and hostility, as well as disease. So keep your thinking positive. Write a list of your good qualities and assets in your PLN. Place positive messages to yourself around your home, tape them to your dresser and medicine cabinet mirrors. Read them out loud and often.

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Carry them with you in your purse and keep them in your desk drawer at the office and refer to them as a reminder whenever necessary. Refresh or update these positive messages or affirmations to yourself on an as- needed basis.

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Chapter Three Racism Is No Excuse, but It Can Be a Motivator As a Black women in America, you will be confronted by or exposed to racism, but instead of getting angry, letting it defeat you, get the best of you, keep you down, prevent you from growing, exploring, realizing your full potential, and manifesting your dreams, use racism as a motivator to accomplish your goals. Allow the racism that exists to move you in a forward direction and make you all the more determined to achieve your goals so that no outside forces throw you off balance and make you lose focus on what it is you set out to achieve.

In this case, your objective is to acquire the skill sets necessary to become a good leader, a better leader in the workplace. A recent Harvard University study reveals that while most fair-minded managers judge you according to your merits, there are some who judge you according to unconscious stereotypes and attitudes. Understanding What's Said v. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

The Little Black Book of Fitness Business Success

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