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  1. Attack on Titan, Vol. 6 (Attack on Titan, #6) by Hajime Isayama
  2. Attack on Titan Vol.7 Chapter 27: Erwin Smith summary
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Attack on Titan Vol.7 Chapter 27: Erwin Smith

Necklace: Attack on Titan - Armin Dogtag. Necklace: Attack on Titan - Eren Dogtag.

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Necklace: Attack on Titan - Levi Dogtag. Necklace: Attack on Titan - Mikasa Dogtag. Necklace: Attack on Titan - Military Police. Necklace: Attack on Titan - Scout Regiment. Necklace: One Piece - Ace's Tattoo. Sweatband: Attack on Titan - th Cadet Corps. Sweatband: Attack on Titan - Garrison Regiment. Sweatband: Attack on Titan - Wall Rose. Sweatband: Attack on Titan - Wall Sina.

Attack on Titan, Vol. 6 (Attack on Titan, #6) by Hajime Isayama

Wallet: Attack on Titan - Cadet Corps. Eren Titan. Wallet: Attack on Titan - Eren Titan. Wallet: Attack on Titan - Garrison Regiment. Wallet: Attack on Titan - Levi Girl's. Wallet: Attack on Titan - Military Regiment. Wallet: Attack on Titan - Scout Regiment.

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Please know that there may be a chance of cancellation of your item should the supplier let us know that they are unable to provide it. Points: Up to cash back. Select Version. Discount Shipping for First-Time Customers. Out of Stock. Notify Me When Restocked. However, the Beast Titan launches an attack on them, assisted by Reiner and a legion of Titans under his control, while Bertolt lays low, waiting for his time to strike. Eren and his friends confront Reiner and defeat him using a new weapon, the "Thunder Spear", designed specifically to penetrate his Titan's armor.

With his friend in trouble, Bertolt joins the battle and transforms into the Colossus Titan, eliminating a large number of the Survey Corps in the process. To break the enemy encirclement, Erwin launches a suicide attack with the remaining Survey Corps members in order to distract the Beast Titan and allow Levi to flank him and his forces.

The Beast Titan's forces are defeated, but he manages to escape and Erwin is mortally wounded. Meanwhile, Armin distracts Bertolt long enough for Eren to defeat him, but his body is entirely burned by the Colossus Titan's steam in the process, while their friends defeat and capture Reiner.

Attack on Titan Vol.7 Chapter 27: Erwin Smith summary

April 18, [65]. Zeke, the Beast Titan, rescues Reiner and flees, while the few survivors of the Survey Corps clash between saving Erwin or Armin, who are both on the brink of death. Levi, who has the authority to use the single dose of Titan serum given to him by Kenny, initially wishes to save Erwin but ultimately chooses Armin so that Erwin can rest in peace. Armin transforms into a Titan and eats Bertolt, in the process recovering his human form and inheriting the power of the Colossus Titan, while Erwin passes away.


With Shiganshina secured, Eren and the others recover his father's diaries which reveal that mankind beyond the walls has not been wiped out by Titans as the government had led them to believe, but is thriving instead. Grisha's writing explains that all those within the walls are of a race known as Eldians, of whom most are the 'Subjects of Ymir' capable of transforming into Titans, and are oppressed outside the walls by a nation called Marley in retribution for having once allegedly dominated the world using the Titans.

Grisha had lived in an Eldian ghetto in Marley; he married Dina Fritz, a woman secretly descended from the same Eldian royalty as the royal family within the walls. Together they tried to stage a rebellion against Marley, but they and their companions were betrayed by Grisha and Dina's son, Zeke, whom Grisha had attempted to use as a double agent by placing him in the Marleyan "Warrior" program of Eldian Titans. August 1, [68]. After Zeke's betrayal, the revolutionaries were tortured and taken to Paradis Island, where the walls are situated, and Grisha's wife and allies are transformed into Pure Titans.

Eren Kruger, an Eldian ally of the restorationists known as "Owl", who had been undercover within the Marleyan military, transforms into the Attack Titan and destroys all the Marley forces on the island. Kruger states that he will soon die due to having possessed this power for thirteen years and passes it on to Grisha by having Grisha become a Titan and eat him.

In the present, upon receiving Grisha's memories, Eren realizes that the Titan who killed his mother was actually Dina, and that the same "Curse of Ymir" which would have killed Kruger affects all people with the power of the Titans. This means Eren has less than a decade to live. Meanwhile, Historia receives a letter from Ymir, in which Ymir says she has no regrets and thanks Historia for the time they spent together. After disclosing all the information obtained from Grisha's documents to the public, the new government authorizes the effort to clear and reclaim Wall Maria from the Titans.

Eren realizes that he gained the ability to use the Coordinate when he was in contact with Dina, a member of the royal family turned into a Pure Titan; he keeps this to himself, fearing that Historia might be turned into a Titan so that he could use it again. A year later, the Survey Corps has managed to eliminate the remaining Titans from the island and reaches the shore, seeing the ocean for the first time. However, Eren notes that they still have enemies remaining on the other side of the ocean. December 19, [71].

List of Attack on Titan chapters

Across the ocean from Paradis, four years after the battle at Shiganshina, the Marley army is fighting a war against the Mid-East Allied Forces, who are using Marley's loss of the Colossus and Female Titans as a chance to attack. Zeke, Reiner and the other Eldian Warriors turn the tide and achieve victory for Marley. To dissuade further attacks and buy time to develop military technology in a global arms race, they must obtain the power of the Founding Titan held by Eren.

However, they've received no intelligence on Paradis in the last four years, all of their naval expeditions to the island having disappeared. A dispute arises among the young Warriors about which of them will inherit the Armored Titan; among the candidates are Reiner's daredevil cousin Gabi Braun and empathetic Falco Grice. Reiner reminisces about his youth and what he endured to become selected, and decides he doesn't want Gabi to follow in his footsteps.

April 10, [74]. Zeke explains to the Warriors that Marley is launching another strike at Paradis to reclaim the Founding Titan. Gabi notes that Reiner is troubled and that she is likely to inherit his memories if she becomes the next Armored Titan, leading him to recall events of his mission to Paradis.

Marcel Galliard claimed to have sabotaged his brother Porco in the selection process so that Reiner was chosen instead. Marcel was then eaten by the Pure Titan form of Ymir who has since been eaten by Porco, granting him the power of the Jaw Titan and they consider aborting the mission, but Reiner is terrified of returning in failure. He assumes Marcel's role as leader as they breach Wall Maria and infiltrate the military.

Overcome by these memories, Reiner contemplates suicide. The Marleyans plan to announce their Paradis campaign to the world at a festival planned by the Tybur family.